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Good evening everyone - i'm just popping a quick email out to give everyone a heads up on the following:

Over the last couple of days we've seen a couple of Ford Transit Vans being targeted/broken into in the area, so if you have a work's van that you keep tools in - please be extra vigilant as to where they are parked and consider not leaving anything in your van overnight.

We have also had a couple of Diesel thefts reported locally from farm vehicles - so if you see anyone looking out of place in the area or driving across fields, please let us know asap.

Hare Coursing season is now upon us - we've already been alerted to one incident in the area this week so please let us know asap if you see anyone in the area you believe to be Coursing.  This is a priority for us locally and we endeavour to deploy officers in numbers to these incidents to try and catch the perpetrators, but they are never around for long so we need a heads up as soon as possible to catch them in the act.  Also, please note any vehicle registrations that are being used because if they are gone by the time officers arrive, this gives us a chance to go and have a chat with the owners at a later time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you all have a great evening.


PC 4517 Adam Atkinson

Melton Rural North Beat Team

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