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Melton Rural North Priorities Update June & July 2022

Dear Residents

Here is the priority update for June and July 2022.

Priority 1 – Road Safety

Priority 2 – Farming Thefts/Rural Crime

Priority 3 – Vehicle Crime.

 The beat team completes work towards our priorities in between dealing with spontaneous incidents and managing our own crime and ASB investigations and other taskings we get assigned. You can help shape our priorities by completing the surveys within Neighbourhood Link. We use the results from the surveys and our own crime recording databases to decide our priorities.

June 2022

Priority 1

Incidents and activity carried out.

19/06 – Waltham Lane, Harby, Drunk driver crashes into tree and subsequently arrested.

14/06    Traffic monitoring carried out in Branston after local concerns raised around speeding vehicles on Waltham Road. In a 30-minute period, 15 cars were monitored. No issues of note.

20/06    Bottesford PCSO Speed Monitoring – between 13:35-14:20 in 30MPH area and 40 MPH area 5 advice letters             

21/06    Traffic calming carried out in Branston regarding the above. 

21/06    PC & PCSO Speed Enforcement Bottesford & Normanton - 

Grantham Rd – 17:55-18:15 – 2 drivers stopped and advice given.

Normanton – 18:25-19:05 – 4 drivers stopped,  1 Driver issued with a Traffic Offence report for 42mph in a 30  and 3 given advice.


Priority 2

Crimes reported

22*320595 –  23:55 01/06- 00:10 02/06 – Wyfordby, Saxby Road – intruders seen on business premises

22*323073 – 02/06 – 16:00-17:00 – Harston – Croxton Lane – Church collection box attacked and contents stolen

22*323595 – 01/06-05/06 Branston Road, Eaton – Theft of circa 40 square mats used for a wildlife survey

22*338418 – 09:00 12/06- 09:00 13/06 Long Clawson Village Hall – play fort damaged

22*343257 – 15:05-15:15 15/06 – Aggravated Residential Burglary, Easthorpe Lane, Bottesford

22*350931 – 00:30-01:00 – 19/06 – Summer House broken into in a garden on Castle Close, Bottesford

22*358310 – 22/06 – 05:45-12:45  Branston Road, Eaton – theft of electric fence and signage


A selection of the beat teams’ patrols.

12/06    Afternoon patrols – Scalford, Harby, Hose, Plungar,Barkestone, Redmile, Belvoir, Eastwell

13/06    Afternoon Patrols Hose, Harby, Bottesford, Easthorpe, Belvoir

Evening patrols, Saxby, Wyfordby, Brentingby, Stapleford, farm reassurance visit made in Stapleford. Wymondham, Garthorpe, Freeby

14/06    Afternoon patrols, Scalford, Hose, Harby, Waltham on the Wolds, Thorpe Arnold areas

Evening patrols, Scalford, Long Clawson, Hose, Harby, Eaton, Branston, WOTW, Thorpe Arnold, 

16/06    Afternoon patrols around Bottesford, Redmile, Barkestone, Plungar, Eastwell, Waltham on the Wolds, Croxton Kerrial, Buckminster, Garthorpe, Scalford. 

17/06    PM patrols around Buckminster, Thorpe Arnold, Garthorpe, Coston, Wymondham, Waltham and Croxton Kerrial. 

20/06    Evening Patrols Bottesford area crossing the vale to and from Melton

21/06    Evening Patrols Bottesford, Normanton areas crossing the vale to and from Melton

22/06    Afternoon patrols Long Clawson side and surrounding area


Priority 3

Crimes Reported

22*317527 – 01/06-00:00 -18:00 – Mere Road, WOTW, theft of number plates YW13 GDJ

22*329165 – 16:00 08/06- 08:00 09/06 – Grantham Road, Bottesford – front passenger side window damaged on a black Nissan Micra

22*367069 – Walnut Road, Bottesford – window of car damaged – a black Renault Koleos


July 2022

Priority 1

Incidents and activity carried out.

22/07- Single Vehicle RTC into hedge, A607, Waltham on the Wolds

22*415758 – 17/07 14:20. Colston Lane, Harby, following incident of bad driving, suspect gets out of vehicle and assaults victim on his bike. 

07/07/22 – 06:45-07:23 – Broughton Lane, Long Clawson – Drunk Driver found asleep in vehicle by member of public, police attend and driver arrested. 

17/07    An hour spent on Long Lane, speed monitoring, 4 drivers stopped and given advice

26/07    Afternoon/evening time. 20 mins speed monitoring in Buckminster & 20  mins speed monitoring in Redmile. No issues of note found at that time.

27/07    Branston – PC & PCSO speed enforcement 16:50-17:20 – 2 local drivers stopped and given advice.

30/07    Evening patrols in unmarked vehicle – Barkestone, Stathern, Redmile, Hose, Harby, Bottesford, Scalford, Long Clawson, A52.


Priority 2

22*434113 – 23/07 13:05-13:30 – theft of handbag during a picnic on the road between Belvoir Castle and Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. 

22*412869 – 17/07 22:30-23:00  Penn Lane, Stathern. Theft of BBQ from Garden.

22*406618 – 14/07 – 12:00-17:30 – Melton Road, Waltham on the Wolds – Residential Burglary , access via ground floor window

22*398431 – 06/07 12:30 – 10:30 – 10/07, High Street, Waltham on the Wolds, Residential Burglary with attempt to steal vehicle.

22*398373 – 08/07 17:00-19:00 – Queen Street, Bottesford, theft of box left out for food bank.

22*394985 –  Reported on 09/07, but could have occurred within the last couple of weeks from the reported date,  Grantham Road, Bottesford, Theft of cycles from Shed, a Silver Carrera Mountain Bike and a Grey Voodoo mountain bike with luminous green lettering. 

22*392388 – 07/07/22 – 23:00-07:55 08/07/22 – Stathern Road, Eastwell, Residential Burglary, back door glass panel smashed. 

 22*381189 03/07  theft of a Silver VW Polo KU08 TGE from Belvoir Castle during the forbidden forest festival. Car Keys stolen from tent. Approx 16 mobile phones also stolen during the festival. 

A selection of the beat teams’ patrols

01/07    Morning Patrols, Scalford, WOTW, Stonesby, Garthorpe, Wymondham, Saxby, Thorpe Arnold

06/07    Afternoon Patrols to Bottesford via Scalford, Stathern Eastwell, Easthorpe, Muston, Belvoir, Knipton, Branston, Eastwell, Scalford

09/07    Evening patrols Branston, Eaton, Scalford, Long Clawson, Hose, Harby, Stathern

10/07    Afternoon patrols Thorpe Arnold, Waltham, Eastwell, Goadby Marwood, Wycomb, Scalford

Evening patrols, Scalford, Stathern, Eastwell, Bottesford, Muston, Belvoir

11/07    Afternoon patrols through Thorpe Arnold, WOTW, Croxton Kerrial, Knipton, Bottesford Belvoir, Eastwell, Scalford

18/07    Evening patrols Long Clawson, Hose Harby, Holwell, Saxby, Garthorpe, Coston, Sproxton, Stonesby, WOTW, Thorpe Arnold

19/07    Afternoon patrols, Scalford, Eastwell, Stathern, Bottesford

20/07    Morning patrols – Hose, Harby, Long Clawson, Holwell

Afternoon patrols Wymondham, Edmondthorpe, Sproxton, Coston, Stapleford, WOTW, Stonesby, Saltby, Stathern, Eastwell, Scalford

24/07    Morning patrols, Scalford, Eastwell, Stathern, Bottesford, Normanton, Muston, Belvoir, Branston, Eaton

25/07    Afternoon/evening – Sewstern, Buckminster, Sproxton, Saltby, Croxton, Knipton, Belvoir Redmile, 

26/07 – Melton Cattle Market, beat surgery selling security items.

26/07    Afternoon patrols – Thorpe Arnold, WOTW, Branston, Eaton, Croxton Kerrial

Evening patrols – Long Clawson, Hose, Harby, Stathern, Goadby Marwood, Chadwell, Wycomb, Scalford, Thorpe Arnold, Freeby, Brentingby, Wyfordby, Stapleford


Priority 3

22*428304 – 24/07 18:00-08:45 – 25/07 – Main Street, Croxton Kerrial. Theft of number Plates AF63 DPN

22*384372 - 02/07 00:00 – 10:30 -04/07  - The Crescent, Buckminster  rear VRM plate stolen, WP63 VWA.

Activity carried out.

26/07    Melton Cattle Market Rural Beat Surgery, giving  away van stickers and vehicle crime prevention leaflets.

Our next beat surgery is this afternoon at 17:30 at Waltham Village Hall car park. Followed by:

Sunday21st AugBottesford Police Office 11:00-12:00
Tuesday30th AugWymondham Coffee Morning 10:30-11:30

Kind Regards

PCSO Claire Gray 6541


Your Melton Rural North Team are:

PS Simon Williams 1951, PC Daniel Daley 4252, PC Adam Atkinson 4517 & PCSO Claire Gray 6541




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