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Criminal Damage Over Night

Overnight we received four different calls regarding stones and even dog poo being thrown at residential properties across the village between the hours of 1AM and 3AM. Officers attended on every occasion where youths were seen to make off from police. 

Damage has been caused to windows where stones have been thrown across a number of properties, therefore this is being treated as a string of criminal damage offences. Offences which you are liable to be arrested for. 

We are working with the Parish Council to identify offenders. If you are identified as an offender, please expect a visit down to custody as the effect your are having on residents across the village is distressing and completely unacceptable.

Last year we visited a number of addresses to speak to parents and children about stone throwing. We will no longer be doing this and arrests will be made. 

Parents, please take this as advice to ensure you know where your children are during the early hours. The age of criminal responsibility begins at 10 years old. 

Please can residents have a look if they have any CCTV particularly around Brushfield Avenue Sileby , of any youths running around the village at the above times. However after running from police, these could have ended in any area, so any CCTV could be a positive lead in the ongoing investigations.

NL59 Beat team

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